Summer Forager Published!

The new Summer edition of the Forager has been released. Thanks to Anna Surgenor, our new Editor for her sterling efforts in publishing, finely balanced with producing a spring addition to her family!

Winter Losses Down in 2014

Winter 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14
% Lost 17.7% 13.6% 16.2% 33.8% 9.6%


The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA) have announced their conference at Langollen in N Wales from 26-28  September 2014. Specialising in the native black bee subspecies Apis mellifera mellifera, the conference features three lecture streams over 3 days with international and UK speakers. bibba

Apiary Inspections, Sat 21 Jun


After the change of policy at the NBU last year, Regional or Seasonal Bee Inspectors were expected to concentrate on suspected disease outbreaks and routine inspections of association apiaries were left to the associations themselves. This year the BDI has issued grants of £100 to associations to help with the overheads.

President's Day and Pot Luck Supper at the Apiary

Presidents Day Outside

We hope members can come to our President's day event on Saturday June 14th at the apiary at Hatch End starting at 5p.m. and finishing when everyone decides to leave. We are repeating the event held last year, which  incorporated the pot luck event and the president's day. This is a great opportunity to meet with our president Van Hinnman who very generously provides food and drinks for the members' enjoyment