Swarm Time

Quite a lot of swarming activity so far this season, the weather has been good for it. Make sure you don't lose half your colony with regular inspections and swarm control, more on Sunday 10th at 11:00. If you do want to start or expend what you have with a swarm, prepare your hive and get your name on the swarm list. There's a good chance of swarms for all members who want them in the next month or two.

Buy Local Honey


Local beekeepers in Harrow often have honey for sale but finding them is a bit hit and miss. There are some regular shows such as the May Day coming up at Headstone Manor and the annual show but otherwise it's who you might know or see if you come along to the apiary on a Sunday. There's a new link to the top left where you can see a video made by Robert Curati and a list of beekeepers who usually have some honey for sale.

Swarm Control and Bee Diseases

Next education day is Swarm Control and Bee Disease on 10th May. We hope everyone who saw Mufeed and Nabaa enjoyed their talk on bees in Iraq, now you know where Al Sider honey is from. Some of the notes and photos will be added here later. The weather wasn't ideal for marking bees, and there are few drones about so far, that session will be rescheduled.

 Photo of a Varroa destructor mite, courtesy NBU

Beekeeping in Iraq and Marking Queens

April 12th is set to be a busy session at the apiary. Mufeed and Nabaa will be talking about Beekeeping in Iraq and if the weather is kind Jo will be leading a practical session on marking and clipping queens.